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mahoganyrush's Journal

Mahogany Rush
21 September
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This journal is a repository for my digital media collection. It does not include personal information about myself, my daily activities, or about any topic that is not related to music.

I do not keep a regular journal, as I find it to be a frivolous waste of time. In other words, I am not here for your amusement. I would much rather embrace life than piddle it away trying to explain my woes and worries to a group of estranged psychotics that I will most likely never meet. Besides, if I wanted the attention, I would pay for timed sessions with a licensed professional.

I don't care about you, the fact that you were adopted, or that you suspect your significant other is involved in a gay love triangle. I am not a prissy little teenager and I will make no effort to relate to your childish compulsions. So what if the prom dress you want only comes in six colors? Deal with it. Learn to act like a put together person and someone MIGHT actually care enough to endure your overreactive bullshit.
a foot in coldwater, ac/dc, al green, albert cummings, allman brothers band, alvin lee, atomic rooster, babe ruth, bad company, baker gurvitz army, beck bogert appice, bill lordan, billy cobham, birth control, black sabbath, blackfoot, blindside blues band, bloodrock, blue cheer, blue oyster cult, budgie, cactus, canned heat, captain beyond, chain, chicago, cold blood, colosseum, craig erickson, cream, curtis mayfield, david coverdale, deep purple, derek & the dominos, doobie brothers, duane allman, eagles, eric burdon, eric clapton, fleetwood mac, flower travellin' band, focus, foghat, foreigner, frank marino, free, funkadelic, gary moore, glenn hughes, gov't mule, grand funk railroad, gregg allman, hamsters, harvey mandel, humble pie, ian gillan band, jack bruce, james brown, james gang, jeff beck, jimi hendrix, jimmy dewar, jimmy witherspoon, joe lynn turner, joe walsh, johnny winter, jon lord, journey, judas priest, kansas, keef hartley band, king crimson, kraan, krokus, led zeppelin, lenny williams, les dudek, leslie west, livin' blues, love sculpture, lynyrd skynyrd, mahogany rush, mark farner, marvin gaye, mountain, nazareth, otis redding, out of focus, outskirts of infinity, pat travers, paul kossoff, paul rodgers, peter frampton, peter green, phil lynott, pink floyd, quatermass, rainbow, randy hansen, ritchie blackmore, robben ford, robin trower, rolling stones, rory gallagher, roy buchanan, rush, savoy brown, scorpions, scott finch & gypsy, snowy white, spooky tooth, steely dan, stephen stills, steve morse, styx, ted nugent, ten years after, terry kath, thin lizzy, three man army, tommy bolin, traffic, trapeze, triumph, ufo, uriah heep, vanilla fudge, war, warhorse, whitesnake, wishbone ash, zephyr, zz top